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Backstage sfilata Maison Espana, Milano, 2012
Stylist: Francesca Costa Corsets

Video Directed and edited by : Daniel Tassi
2nd video unit/videomaker : Enrico Tabacchi

Models : Alizee Roberta Cusimano, Cherilyn Chic Shake, Miele Rancido, Raissa Costantino, Filly (The mum), Natasha Guarnieri, Elisabetta Giorgio (Lisbeth), Neve Model, Claudia Faccin, Happy Valentine (Valentina Ciottariello Tafferini), Norah Ehl, Valentina Cighetti, Laura Garcea & Filippa (the baby) 

MUA : Eisabetta Paiano, Giada Yu Gilardoni, Elena Mactans, Cecilia Marvuglia, Manu Luz, Giulia Dordoni. 

Photographers : Beppe Bisceglia, Steve Reflex Vetto, Cristian Fasoli (Edenlie).